Tell me one reason to reconect to a game

My pc crashed, i joined back to a game. I managed to catch up and we won the game. I got 20 mins 5 games leaver buster and still lost lp for that game Considering this, give me one good reason to reconect to the game. Edit: downvote me to hell, im ok with that. This is one of those situations everybody would claim to do whats morally/socially/etc correct but if the situation actually came in they would'nt give a fuck about whats morally or socially correct. Second edit: never thought a post of mine could get so uch atention, thank you all {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Third edit: let me clear some confusion to all who try to pull the *insert outrageous voice ''oh but you need to leave S E V E R A L! times to get a leave buster, so yaknow, thats bullshit!!11''. I wont enter in long detail. Just consider this. I didnt play for 8 months, and i started playing again. The first game i went afk after those 8 months was a 20 min leave buster. So stop claiming the system to work as you want it to, and accept reality.
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