Riot Please: A Server For Indians

Hey Everyone, Thank You For Clicking On My Post, But Now Let Me Express My Concern. So I Have Been Playing League For The Past 3 Years On NA Server From India And I Get About 275-305 Ping every Game Without Any Packet Loss, This Has Became A Problem For Me, My Reaction Time And My Rank Status, I Probably Won't Be Climbing Out Of Gold Any Time Soon But It Is Always Worth Trying, It Was A Good Journey Climbing Out Of Bronze And Silver, But Here Is An Another Problem -> I Want To Play Low Ping Champs i.e Yasuo, Zed, Lee Sin etc, But I Tried Them In Low Elo And Failed Terribly, With Yasuo I Can Get About 8+ CS Score Every Game But I Felt Clunky Manier Times While Playing Him (Sitting At About 600k Mastery Points Right Now), This Problem Can Only Be Solved By Going To An Another Server, Right? No, I Cant. Every Other Server Other Than Garena Is Above 100 Ping, Example- Eu West-> 160 Ping, And Even In Garena, I Get About 80-90 Ping, But Unfortunately, I Can't Even Play In Garena, As I Cant Transfer My Account To Garena As It Is Not A Official Server, So My Question Here Is- 1)Where Should I Transfer My Account To? 2) Will There Be Any Indian Servers Or Any Server Close To India In The Foreseeable Future. Thank You For Reading, And Good Luck In Your Future Games.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} P.S- While Browsing Through The Internet I Found This Site, It Is Saying That Riot Is Working On Making Experience For Indian Players Better, Does That Mean I Can Expect A Indian Server Soon?
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