Remember last weeks when people were considering new PBE conqueror as a "nerf" and a needed change?

Well, in not even half a week, the majority of conqueror's past users got their winrates skyrocketing even more than before and now, because of its new insane synergy with ranged bullies, an even bigger amount of champions can abuse it. Funny, isn't it? A keystone considered to be too powerful and overpowered by the community got reworked into something that people were greeting with open arms simply because the only part they read about it was "less true damage" and "can only charge against champions", yet everything (oh surprise) just went worse. Simply put, "less true damage" means basically nothing if you slap on it adaptive damage working with ability scalings for good mesure and adding sustain on it too (which, by the way, unlike almost every single damage-to-healing interactions this game ever had, is calculated **BEFORE** damage mitigation, aka armor, and isn't reduced by AOE abilities. In case you don't know this is very very discussable balance-wise). Also, the fact that you can't stack it on minions anymore has barely any effect, since every champion with decent engage and harassment (aka, almost every single old users and beyond) will just ignore this and stack it almost instantly, just to indefinitely keep it or reactivate it in mere seconds. Call it overtuned if you want, but even with nerfs and future adjustments on it, the new conqueror is just way stronger and so versatile that it can almost be picked universally between champions and bring balance problems to the game. I'm not saying old conqueror was balanced, what I'm saying is that this change was almost the perfect opposite of the nerf a lot of people here and on reddit thought it would be and that sustained damage boost, resistance negation and healing should **_never ever_** be put all together on a single "ability", no matter the conditions.
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