My first time playing ranked and this happens.

I was the Kennen in this game, my bot lane lost their tower at 8 minutes because Nocturne was afk farming and I couldn't roam down due to Akali auto pushing waves under my tower. Riven ended up intentionally feeding and their Xayah and Zyra solo carried the game. In this game, I played Shaco and secured 5 dragons for my team total, got 4 towers by split pushing and stole a baron from my deceive over the pit. I ganked bot so hard early game and gave Lucian a 4/1 Lead, but he ended up dying 5 times in a row and further on did nothing the rest of the game. Furthermore, Poppy was crying and bitching the entire game because Garen was beating her, and of course she in return blamed me and died 11 times. I was one shotting their Diana and Jhin, but I guess that wasn't enough because my team was just that incompetent. Is this just how ranked is? Because if so, I'm just not even going to bother playing it.
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