does kayle really need a rework more then some other champions?

Disclaimer:please not i am merely a humble silver so if some champions play differently in diamond or plat i wouldn't know. {{champion:10}} while right now is fine, but does need some help i can think of several champions that need more help then her. {{champion:117}} I've not player her since many supports does what she does feels like shes in a worse place then kayle is right now. not to mention i think shes the only yordile that has not gotten an visual update yet. {{champion:4}} I have never seen a single player do good as twisted fate. they all usually go negative and drag the team down. (no offence.) its gotten to the point where i dread when ever some one on my team picks him. {{champion:96}} due to his severe lake of mobility a lot of the more mobile champions that go bot lane basically eat him alive. feel free to comment or answer my question onto why kayle need a rework more then the ones listed.
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