What about adding new effects/utility to skills when you want to buff rather than damage?

We really have enough damage in game. Adding more option for skills to be used would not only buff a champion but also add a little skill expression or strategy if said skill could be used in more than one way. Who do you want to buff? {{champion:30}} ? Change his Q so it won't interrupt auto attacks. This would help his early csing. Or change his Q so he doesn't have to stop moving to cast it. {{champion:22}} ? Add a passive to her E. Make it reveal everything. Or increase her vision range with every E point {{champion:203}} ? Make so that their W reveal champion in the area like Oracle Lens. After all Wolf is hunting, let him "smell" the enemies. Or make thet enemy marked with E is visible for duration These are just examples what can be done if you want to buff someone. Adding more damage is not always the answer
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