You All Need to Git Gud and Adapt to Change

I don't believe a word coming out of 99% of people on these forums anymore. Every time I see the hot page it's always idiots whining. Turret plating's specifics were announced a while ago and everyone liked it. As soon as the kids got into a game and realized, turret plating or not, that they still suck, they go on forums and blame Riot and ask for a new balance team. Didn't even give it a chance. Literally the day of release kids started complaining. It's not Riot's fault that you suck. Just get good. When you make a post complaining about balance changes, **I want to be able to go into your history and see 5-10 wins in a row where you carried.** **That shows you actually know how to play** at your elo, but have real constructive feedback or simply don't like what you have to do to win. If you're getting wrecked, don't say that "the game is outside your control" or "it's one shot or get one shot" when you're the only one dying. **If you're 1/5 it's not "too much damage in the game" it's just you sucking.** I already know this is going to get downvoted. If the post isn't about blaming Riot or asking to fire the balance team it doesn't get upvotes around here. I sincerely hope Riot doesn't listen to these forums at all anymore.
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