Unpopular Opinion: Revert Malzahar

*EDIT: Moving this up here because people are just reading the title and then commenting on how this is a popular opinion instead of reading the bottom of the post.* **So apparently this is a very popular opinion. When I first started talking about reverting him he was still sort of new (maybe half a year after) and i got a lot of backlash. I figured people assumed he was fine as is.** *Also a lot of people talk about his Ultimate but clearly don't understand how Suppression works. Take Cleanse or buy QSS against anyone with hard CC and you are a good smart player, but take it against Malzahar its because he is a bullshit champ.... like how is his R any different than the other hard CC in the game? because its longer? Ye it also locks him into place and he is a squishy champion. The damage was never insta-burst levels and this was during a time when resistances were actually useful too. Your memories of being insta-bursted by Malzahar tend to leave out the 7+ kills and 4 items he probably had. He was an ambush-**assassin** meaning if you walked into his area without vision or teammates you were dead. No different than any other assassin except his took place over 2.5 seconds instead of half a second. Never forget Malzahar used to be an **ASSASSIN**. * Hopefully we can get a Rioter in on this to clarify if they have any plans for Malzahar. Just going to say: I understand that this is probably going to get downvotes, but idc I miss old Malzahar. I miss playing around his old Passive, his new Passive was busted on release but now is just a slight annoyance. There isn't really any playing around it; is it up? Ok be aggressive. Its down? stay near turret and wait while E and Voidlings push mindlessly. His major weaknesses to high mobile champs was never addressed in his rework, instead he is largely untouched as far as his weakness go, you just overloaded one of his strengths (pushing) but then had to nerf it because it was too strong. I think one of the goals was to make him a minion master, but other than spawning them he doesn't really do anything else. Yorick feels more like how Malz should have been, which is probably why i switched from Malz to Yorick. At least old Malzahar you had to plan around your Passive to make them appear, that required actual thought to spawn 3 Voidlings. Malzahar was part of the mage rework, but i think he really needed his own separate VGU. His Suppression is controversial, core to his kit but feels bad to play against. This alone requires a ton of work on how to keep that lock-down identity while fixing the negativity surrounding Suppression. This doesn't really have anything to do with disliking change btw. I loved Old Yorick, despite how crap he was, but i love New Yorick even more. Same for Xerath. Sure Malzahar is in a decent spot right now, but honestly he is no fun to play as or against imo. I really enjoyed playing old Malzahar, he was the first champion I played that I felt I was decent at. He was the champion that made me want to play Ranked, and basically sucked me into the game.
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