I have new role, If enemy team has more then 2 mages im dodging bc its unwinnable game...

Seriously and for real, Fuckk this class call mages, i had 200 mr last and {{champion:54}} Just 3 shoot me from full hp, Im not saying i should be unkillable if i have 200 mr but at least i should survive more then 1.5 seconde in teamfight But no, Mages are impossible to counter there dmg because they just negate all the mr u build Because of shitt like this exist {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} With cheap cost... Why is {{item:3135}} 2650 gold gives 80 ap and 40 % magic pene, {{item:3916}} Gives 15 % magic pene on 1500 gold Where the the highest Mr item in game gives {{item:3065}} 55 mr and consider how much high base dmg and burst mages does, It pointless building mr, Not only that but mages are so toxic to face and impossible to survive there dmg bc all there spell are point and click, {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} all this champ base on point click burst if u are bad player and cant land skillshoot, How many time did u dodge {{champion:134}} E q but then She full health bar u with point click ignite, same with {{champion:45}}. For me personnaly only mages that actualy fair to play against is {{champion:103}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:163}} Bc they have to land there shit to kill u or they are useless... Since this season i doomed anyway, I realy hope riot does some mages item rework in preseason while also buffing Mr items and Please rework This point click burst spells and game may become enjoyable anymore and not auto lost from champ select
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