Evelynn Bami's/Sunfire/Cinderhulk bug

Evelynn's pasive reads as "Demon Shade EFFECT RADIUS: 700 Innate: Evelynn gains Demon Shade after not taking damage from enemy champions or turrets for 1.5 seconds, or after 4 seconds of basic attacking or casting an ability." However, even when not attacking or casting abilities, the damage procs from the {{item:3751}} line prevents her from going into demon shade. This doesn't occur from Red Buff's DoT or {{item:1039}}'s, only the immolation damage. Resetting demon shade while kiting camps is important for Evelynn's clear, since it resets E's AoE cooldown, so it would be appreciated if Evelynn's passive worked as it was written instead of the tooltip saying it does something that it doesn't.

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