@Ghostcrawler-Would you be willing to consider switching the locations of Blue Buff and Wolves?

http://imgur.com/Qtu47m2 Yesterday, I made a [fairly big thread](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/rl7OTjgG-why-the-jungle-should-be-more-like-season-2-and-how-to-get-there) about the jungle and changes I thought might be good for it. I was surprised by how much support I got for the idea of switching the position of the Blue Buff and Wolf camps, considering that it was the suggestion I was actually least confident in. Here's what I think switching the position of Blue Buff and Wolves would do, off the top of my head: * Make the benefit of counterjungling more proportional to its risk for both the Wolf and Ancient Golem camps. Right now, the Ancient Golem's position is such that it's incredibly safe to invade both at the first spawn and at subsequent spawns, and it's extremely vulnerable to being pulled over the wall out of reach of the jungler. With the camp position switched, invaders would have to go substantially deeper into enemy territory to reach Blue, putting themselves at greater risk. * Provide a buff to blue-dependent junglers like Amumu and Maokai by making their key buff much easier to protect. * Force leashing to have a greater opportunity cost, especially for the side lane who could lose out on half a wave or more giving a hard leash. YMMV on whether this is a good thing or not. * Make it easier for junglers to get from farming Wolves to countergank bot lane. Would you be willing to give this idea a try on PBE or in Preseason 5?
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