As much as Supports like Janna, Lulu, Karma, Sona and Soraka annoy me...

I will take them over mage supports who can 100-0 your adcs and chunk tanks/bruisers at all points of the game any day of the week. This isn't QQ or a point about balance, it's about what I think is simply healthier. Lulu, Janna, Sona, Raka and Karma and any enchanter support can be annoying to lane against in different ways but their utility actually enable teammates to do things they likely couldn't have done ordinarily. The opposite is true for mage supports, they play largely for damage or have very simple and frustrating play patterns (did Annie support stun your entire team) that either do a lot or do very little. I admit I have a natural bias and whatever support players want to play is fine. But the enchanters of the world often time feel more satisfying to play with because they can enable their teammates to do so much more. I'll give you an example of why I love Janna: (Self promoting aside) This was literally impossible without Janna. And yeah, I was fed but many of my kills and big moments wouldn't have happened without the support of Janna. Mage supports don't enable me this way because their play styles or so much more selfish, and I think that ultimately leads to a much unhealthier style of play.

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