Make shields...shields again. (Shield Duration is actually ridiculous)

I specifically remember the duration of Riven's Valor (E) was significantly shortened on the basis of Riot wanting her shield to be used more intuitively. > **Patch 4.1 ** We’re reducing the duration of Valor to hit some of Riven’s flexibility in lane – if she’s going to rely on Valor’s shield to trade damage, she’ll need to commit quickly or risk losing the shield. Riven's shield duration from Valor is currently 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile: {{champion:40}} Eye of the Storm (E) 5 Second Shield Duration, 5.5 Second CD at Rank 5 with 45% CDR {{champion:117}} Help, Pix! (E) 6 Second Shield Duration, 5.5 Second CD at Rank 5 with 45% CDR {{champion:25}} Black Shield (E) 5 Second Shield Duration, 8.25 Second CD at Rank 5 with 45% CDR Keep in mind that these all have 650-900 Range so they can sit literally Caitlyn's Auto-Attack Range behind the rest of her team casting Shields from complete safety. Keep in mind that their Shield durations are as long or almost as long as their cooldowns. Keep in mind that they all have multiple forms of CC on top of this that would make most Tanks in the game envious (Janna can literally hit the enemy backline from her own backline with her Q that significantly outranges a fully channeled Xerath Q) Please nerf the living shit out of shield duration please and thank you Riot. It doesn't even make sense from a logical standpoint. People don't walk around a battlefield with their shields held over their faces. They deflect a blow and keep swinging. This is how shields should work in LoL. EDIT: {{champion:43}} Inspire (E) 4 Second Shield Duration, 4.4 Second CD at Rank 5 with 45% CDR EDIT 2: The only reasonable Shield Duration in the game for a Shield that can be cast on an Ally is on {{champion:427}} Triggerseed (E) (2 Second shield duration) and even then, it's because the shield detonates to deal damage and slow nearby targets.
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