Nerf Yi's stackable attack speed boosts

Hi, It's not a rant, it's a matter of gameplay balance and mind sanity. Yi can use {{item:3124}} to get more passive attacks, dealing more on hit damage and reducing his own Alpha strike CD, making him untargettable. When his passive and {{item:3124}} stack, he can also use Lethal tempo to get even more AS and unlock the AS cap, {{item:3161}} to get double the benefits from his ult and lethal tempo, while using {{item:3153}} and {{item:1416}} and blue {{summoner:11}} giving him all the CC he needs. Now he can break the AS limit while having free true damage, %hp damage, magic damage, physical damage, and he can basically reach enough AS to reset his Q CD EACH SECOND as long as he can attack something, and his Q ensures he can because of it's stupid range. With that, you have a Yi that keeps shredding you 10x faster than anyone (5x more than Vayne), basically it's like he arrives you're dead before you can do anything, and he is untargettable every second, even more often if he kills champs and after activating R from {{item:3161}} passive. How can you beat a champion you can't hit and that pops you the moment he arrives on the map because he moves faster than R {{champion:240}} while in combat as well as outside combat? Please change Yi's passive or make it unable to apply any on hit effect, and delete Q CD lowering by auto attacking. You can't give him an unlimited DPS (so much that it's more OSS, one shot per second), a spammable at will untargettability that is also a gap closer, a MS buff, immunity to slows (including AS slows for God's sake and I'm an atheist!) and a free regen/damage reduction ability that makes him hard to kill if you can't interrupt it so he can be full life again 3 sec after the fight if he was even scratched. Before seeing the absurdity of Lethal tempo, {{item:3161}} and {{item:3124}} on him, I thought he was beatable. Now I know he just needs to alpha strike and instant BPS you and you can't do shit about it if he's reached you by that time, which isn't hard with 600+ MS and slow immunity + a refreshable gap closer. If his Q really had the announced CD he would be very dangerous but you could gang up on him and kill him. With his AA lowering Q CD each time he hits, he's simply untargettable all the fight and he pops everyone before you can do anything about it. I know he needs to be killed early, but it's the kind of champ, just like {{champion:157}} , that spikes so insanely with every item he get that you can't do anything against him if he can get gold from anywhere, be it by stealing gold to his laners with any kind of gold funnelling strat he decided without asking his mates. In solo Q he's so abusive that he might take my ban over {{champion:9}} (who has like 5 sec CC on someone and silence on several people alongside enormous burst/dps just by standing in ult even while zhonya is active), {{champion:45}} (cage is so game breaking, even if you don't hit the walls it limits your field of action drastically, and let's be real, any monkey can play Veigar solely with ult missing hp damage and cage in solo Q), {{champion:157}} , {{champion:6}} , {{champion:84}} , {{champion:80}} and {{champion:517}} . If only Yi's alpha strike had a minimum CD and didn't reset on kill, he would be beatable. But even after I could 1v1 him with my Lee Sin (both of us were fed), he just became so insane that I couldn't even target him during the fight, he was in alpha strike all the time I could Q and I couldn't even R him at the end of the game because he was too fast and had alpha strike on less than 2 sec CD for sure, with or without taking kills. Even being 3 on him we couldn't end his stupid "press R, right click and press Q each time it's available". He also regens so fast it's plain stupid. Champions with gimicks more often than not have counterparts (like Pyke, whose R is gamebreaking, has weak abilities and good base HP but doesn't gain any hp with items), but Yi's only limit was attack speed cap, and with Lethal tempo he has no limit anymore. Free roaming, uncatchable and instant depops anyone in sight. Please Riot, fix him. PS: to people who think of starting an argument with me for playing Lee Sin, I don't play Lee often but I know how to use his R and Q together, which is enough to kill most auto attcking champions and squishies, and Lee isn't my beloved champion, I was just looking for something that could play vs Yi and Jax AND Morgana at the same time, and Lee was what I found the most practical because of leaving Yi/Jax out of AA range in 1 kick and following them to kill them after the danger has worn out.
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