AP Umbral Glaive equivalent?

Although Senna isn't rated as S tier or OP by many sites/experts right now she is one of the few support champions (and pyke) that can utilize Umbral Glaive effectively. The Blackout ability on this item is absolutely amazing for map control and has a lower cooldown than oracle's lens. This allows Senna and Pyke to take Blue ward which gives them 4 ward support item, blue ward and a 45 cooldown sweeper. In my opinion, this gives {{champion:235}} {{champion:555}} a huge advantage if you can roam effectively. I would love to be able to do the same with {{champion:53}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:432}} etc but there isn't an AP equivalent. Does anyone know if an AP equivalent item with Blackout is being designed? Or would making this be OP for enchanter and mage supports?
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