Some of Aatrox's Changes Were Questionable

Before you downvote and go to comment on how I'm a scrub and just making this post because I must have been destroyed in lane by an Aatrox (haven't seen one all day), this isn't about balance. I don't personally think Aatrox is too strong, but that's besides the point, this is about originality and synergy. I think Aatrox's ult changes were great, rewarding good play instead of it being a get-out-of-jail-free card. His passive and E changes, I just don't understand though. Starting with his passive, I really don't see the point of this change. Aatrox already had pretty good in-lane sustain in his base kit when compared to most other top laners. Changing his passive to heal him instead of reducing enemy shields and healing seems to me like a pointless change, especially since his new ultimate increases the healing he gets from any damage drastically. His old ultimate was more unique and I think worked well with his kit, allowing him to out-sustain opponents and towards the end of fights if he resets it with his Q sweet spots, making sure last minute heals or shields aren't enough to save his target. tldr; Aatrox's old passive was better than this, discount Grasp of the Undying. Second, his E. Removing the bonus AD from it is an odd choice to me, but not too big of a deal. The real problem is removing the charge system, because Aatrox relied on using his E charges quickly one after another in order to chain together Qs on mobile opponents when necessary. With this change Aatrox has a much harder time keeping up with enemies while using Q, which is supposed to be his main damage. Even if he's strong right now, this change makes his kit feel clunkier and I can't fathom why they did it. Keep in mind I'm not an Aatrox expert, my brother is the one who plays him, not me. I don't think I need to in order to see that the changes mentioned were poor though, his passive is now discount GotU and his E is a contender for most boring ability in the game while being less synergistic with his kit. If anyone disagrees, can they explain to me why these changes are good for Aatrox?
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