Revert new aatrox

I mained aatrox before the rework and he didn’t really need one he could 1v2 or 3 and has a pretty good late game and a strong early game but now I can get like 15 kills early game but his late game is so bad I die like 15 times and get 3 kills late game so like I’ve done really good but I can’t get an s because the late game is shitty and new aatrox legit has nothing like the old aatrox and it took out the skill of the blood well because you used to have to count you abilities and get your 3 w up and have blood well almost full for a pretty good burst/engage now for the blood well you press r and res and for you to get that good amount of hp back you have to die at like the last second and if it ends you just wasted your ult and u died old aatrox also wasn’t op because you had either damage or healing and needed to know when to switch between the aggro or heal up the go ham on them and your ult made you pretty good late game and if you say it’s impossible to get a penta on him I got my first one on old aatrox new aatrox can hardly 1v1 if they have any mobility and if it’s a 1v2 and they have some mild skill then your dead because your ult and the microscopic dash of your e is your only hope of living BECAUSE YOU POSSES ESSENTIALLY NO MOBILITY where old aatrox you can press q and r get a nice burst and get some good blood well and then get a full blood well then decide healing or damage.
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