Playing League pre-level 30 is like playing a completely different game

I just recently started a second account and the game doesn't feel fun at all. For starters, because of how things were balanced for the past two seasons, runes and masteries can completely change which champions are viable. Some assassins like akali just flat out suck without thunderlords and runes. A lot of tanks are practically unplayable becuase of how little it feels like resistances have an effect early and mid game. And some champions are just completely overbearing to play against like Nasus and Graves. I'm not saying we should buff or nerf champions based on pre-level 30 gameplay, but that runes and masteries should be readily available to new players. It is a real turn off when you load up a game and lose consistently to the enemy team picking better champions and I can't imagine what it would be like if this was my first time playing.
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