Can we talk about Vayne?

Vayne. Vayne's a champion that many people love, and many people despise. I've always seemed to be neutral with how I felt about this ADC, but with the new runes, she's automatically my top permaban in games right now. Precision's Press The Attack combined with Vayne's W + Q empowered on the third auto for both stacks is _absolutely disgusting._ There really shouldn't be a reason why Vayne is allowed to 1-5 shot entire teams with the new runes. I don't typically complain about champion balance, but the changes to the runes just broke the champion harder than what I've seen in the past 3 years I've been playing. Other ADC's are quite strong and benefiting from this specific keystone (I've seen lots of Jhin's with PTA which seems to work with third auto PTA plus a huge 4th bullet after to add to the damage. I've even seen Ezreal rise to a pretty nice winrate from people taking this.) But Vayne just takes PTA's power way too far. Feel free to comment your opinions below. All are welcome :) {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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