Is it just me or is Black Cleaver too universal of an item (built on Adc's, bruisers, assassins..)

I think it's **Rylais** all over again. An item that's intended for a certain class (in Rylais case; Ap bruisers and battlemages, BC: bruisers) and maybe a situational item on other champions being built frequently on other champions. Leading to the item being extremely prevalent in a lot of games and seen on champions who shouldn't be building it without giving up other intended strengths. **Exhibit one** **Lucian**¨ Lucian is regarded as the primary ability based marksman. He's a spellslinger and he used to go for Trinity force a while back. As an adc he does scale well with crit as well but now a new Build's popping up. {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} Giving him unrivaled kiting and durability due to the 400 Hp on BC as well as pretty damn insane damage while building an item that's intended for sustained damage bruisers. **Exhibit two** **Ashe** Meant as a linear scaling ADC due to how she interacts with Crit Ashe has fallen out of the spotlight. Only for a new build to overcome these issues in her kit. With BC and Runaans Ashe can shred entire teams, negating huge amounts of gold value while still outputting a ton of damage, making you feel like a bloody pin cushion at times. **Exhibit three** **Miss Fortune SUPPORT** Same old deal, just with BC MF can output a ton of damage, even with a lowly support income and the nature of her ultimate **Exhibit four** **Graves** He's kinda supposed to fill the niche of a more durable marksman so I hesitate to call this an abuse case ______________________________________________ Personally I feel Black cleaver is one of those items that just has to have a reduced effect for Ranged character, just like the Phage passive on it. It's supposed to offer a way for Bruisers to not get kited too easily while allowing them to output their damage. Yet it is built on a class that uses it to **Kite** those the item is supposed to help their kiting issues while also giving them a lot of damage. There's not really a trade off to be had and I really think the item should either be Melee only or the armor shred component needs to be made a self-buff. just my two cents on the matter
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