Does Yasuo Actually Have Counterplay?

This isn't even me trying to be salty, this is an honest question. I have read all the advice, listen to every video, tried every strategy, and it seems like all the key ways that people hold up on a pedestal of how to "beat the cheat" don't work. **Bait out the windwall!** It's hard to when he can cast it whenever he wants and has a hitbox wonky enough to protect him from all angles anyway. **Buy Armor** 50% armor penetration on his ult (I think this tip was created by Yasuo players to get people to buy more armor for them to break) **Just Avoid Him** Turing Yasuo into a MAP HAZARD isn't a solution. **Don't Fight Him If You're Ranged** I guess just have the entire team go melee then? **Beat him mid game!** He'll just roam get a kill, and come back with more items! **Just Counter Pick Him!** Though I wish this were true, not every team comp is designed just to flatten Yasuo. But it feels like you NEED to do that if you want to beat him to win. But if you design the team just to beat Yasuo you forget about everyone else, then the win because they're team is better. And if you don't design to beat him, they win because they have a Yasuo. **Git Gud** Oh, oh man, I didn't know it was that simple. With those two words and no further instruction I know have the secret to beating Yasuo and enlightenment! (Seriously screw those people. If anyone tells you the secret to beating a champ is to Git Gud, they have no idea themselves.) **Ban Him** Yeah, well, I mean that works, I guess. Please, I'd really like some GOOD advice on how to beat this guy.
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