Riot: Tell me how this was suppose to be a 50/50 match?

There is no reality where this is even close to a 50/50 match. Riot more and more you can see that your Match Making system is broken Riven is S2 (and is I suspect even smurfing on this account) who is Duo with Lee Lets run down the Numbers (Win rate overall / Win rate with Champ) Top Urgot B2 45%/51% win rate vs Riven S2 75%/67% Jungle Nid B2 47%/0% vs Lee (Duo boosted by Riven) B4 37%/ 21% Mid Talon B2 30%/20% vs Oriana B1 52%/na (not played this season) Support Lux B3 40%/60% vs Morg S4 50%/60% ADC Draven Unranked 14%/14% vs Jhin B2 47%/52% Plz Tell me HOW this is even close to a possible 50/50 match? Note Red has a Duo (boosting too) and Blue are all SoloQ Match making NEEDS a complete overhaul

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