A champion that I should learn .

I have been playing league for a while now (4 months or so) . I have mostly played easy and somewhat hard champions like Aatrox, Annie, Ashe , Garen, Galio and many others. Among the champions that I played I love Galio and Aatrox the most. Even though I love playing them I feel like they are not ment for me. Getting a kill or two with Aatrox is fun specially when they gank you . But I feel like I am doing nothing but button smashing ( Specially in this patch ) . And for Galio ( I play him support ) I feel like he is OP for his 3 CC's . I dash in, W them and my ADC gets a kill or two . Playing Galio also makes me feel like I button smashed . I don't feel that I made a play and got rewarded for it . I know you can make a lot of cool plays with Galio and Aatrox but I feel like these champions are not for me . So, I was thinking to learn a champion thats rewarding and you don't feel like you button smashed and got a kill . I have about 8 K ,BE so you can suggest me more than one champions that I can buy within this budget . Thanks for helping me out , hope you have a nice day .

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