Good job riot! v

I quit playing the game a month or two ago, but I kept up with the patch notes in hopes of the game becoming better someday, and I gotta say, patch 9.02 is GREAT. I think this is the only league patch that I agreed with completely, I mean I think ignite should have been nerfed much harder, but I still agree that ignite needs a nerf. The whole "Aatrox survived our nerfs" thing was laughable, those nerfs were nothing, but other than that, GREAT patch. Thanks so much riot. Other than that, the Awaken video, finally a cinematic that has a lot more characters than the poster boys. Draven, Kennen, Sion, Karma. I'm loving it. I'm still pissed there's no GP cinematic. Hopefully if you keep this up, me and players who left for the same reason I did will come back.
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