gonna post my last 15games to show there is a SERIOUS problem with trolls and afking in low level.

game 1, gragas was mad that i went off meta top, afked at 6 mins, came back at 16 mins, proceeded to just stand still in lane, and dance for the rest of the game while denying every surrender attempt game 2, yi dies at top, bot, and then to jg camp. afks. we lose hard because of it. game 3 and 4 were normal games. game 5 troll mundo support that inted all game, leading to adc also feeding. game 6, tryndamere gets mad that he lost lane and didn't get help, decides to never help with teamfights ever, and refuses every surrender vote along with 1 other. game 7 bot lane loses, so they decide to start inting, and spamming surrender votes even though for the first 20 minutes of the game we were still ahead. game 8-11 were normal games where nobody afked, or was toxic. game 12 MF intentional feeding at bot, also spent his time denying draven farm because he didnt want to supp. game 13 normal game, everyone just had a bad game. nobody to blame here. game 14 bot lane was tilting eachother to the point that both of them stopped trying at 20 mins, and we lost despite having a fed mid and top. game 15 we won, and nobody trolled the game, but people were trolling in champ select banning showed picks. SEVEN of my last FIFTEEN games have been adversely affected by afks, inters, or just straight up trolls. this is what the low level experience is like. and it's fucking ridiculous. meanwhile, i have to sit there and watch all this happen without saying a word, because otherwise i get reported for toxic for JUSTIFIABLY being angry about SEVEN OF MY LAST 15 GAMES HAVING OBVIOUS TROLLS. you know what the worst part is? it's gonna take me EXTREMELY long to hit level 30 if this pace continues. so i'm gonna be stuck in a VERY LONG period of getting trolled until i can just go into fk ranked where people take it more seriously
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