Another Skarner rework Idea

So, for this project, I poured over his lore and short story a bit, and tried to take things I saw in the story to design the kit. Here is what I have come up with so far: Crystal Song: Skarner holds a strong connection to the material world. He can sense/feel/hear the world around him in a way not understood by other species. Skarner has true sight in a **small** radius around him. While remaining motionless, Skarner is able to tune into the Crystal Song and extend that vision. Crystal Energy: Skarner draws energy from the earth. He starts at zero crystal energy that slowing increases as he moves around. Standing still increases the rate at which his crystal energy regenerates and also allows him to regenerate HP up to 50% max HP scaling to 100% Max HP later in the game. Max 110 Crystal Energy. Q: _Frenzied Strikes_ **Cost**: None **Cooldown**: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 (cooldown functions like Riven Q) **Passive**: Enemies hit by Skarner's Auto Attacks and Frenzied Strikes grant crystal energy to Skarner. **First Cast**: Crystal Slash- Skarner Swings his claw wide hitting enemies in front of him in a wide arc. Dealing physical damage. **Second Cast**: Crystal Smash- Skarner swings down hitting a small area in front of him, dealing physical damage and grounding enemies struck. Enemies in the middle of the area are also rooted for .25 seconds. **Third Cast**: Crystal Sting- Skarner strikes a target with his tail, pulling them toward himself and dealing physical damage. W: _Crystal Exoskeleton_ **Cost**: 30 Crystal Energy **Cooldown**: 10 seconds. **Active**: Skarner gains a _LARGE_ phsical damage shield that lasts for up to 6 seconds. While the shield persists, Skarner gains the following benefits: Increased Movement Speed (no ramp up, just a burst of speed) Bonus Magic Damage on Frenzied Strikes Resistance to Slows>>>>>Immunity to slows E:_ Fracture_ **Cost**: 40 Crystal Energy **Cooldown**: 12/11/10/9/8 Active: Skarner strikes the ground with his tail, shooting crystal energy out in a cone in front of him. After a very short delay, crystals erupt from the ground, dealing magic damage, slowing, and charging targets hit with crystal energy. If Skarner deals damage to a target [auto attacks or Frenzied Strikes(Q)] The target is stunned and Skarner restores a small amount of his crystal energy. No numbers at this juncture, just ideas. I could add some flavor text if interested, or highlight the parts of his lore that inspired the different aspects of the kit, BUT here is the big thing: I need an Ultimate: So to all the Skarner enthusiasts out there, what kind of ultimate would fit well with this kit, while remaining thematic and true to his lore? Also, feedback in general is appreciated. Cheers! "I miss my kind..." EDITS: Passive: now also allows Skarner to restore HP while remaining still, capping at 60% Max HP level one, but scaling to 100% Max HP level 18. (60% at level one, +10% at levels 6/10/14/18) Q Passive: Forgot to mention that AAs also grant crystal energy. Q2- Crystal Smash: Added a sweet spot to the aoe, all targets hit are grounded, but targets in the sweet spot are also rooted for .25 seconds. Q3- Crystal Sting: Removed the slow after the pull. E- Fracture: Removed the heal for stunning targets. Now restores additional Crystal Energy on stun. Thanks to Predatorator for the conversation/suggestions thus far!
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