Riot im sorry i forgot to ban akali , please let me farm in laning phase.....

please do something about akali , reduce q range , or nerf the damage , remove that obscure bs on her shroud and make it like the old one. Nerf the auto after q , REDUCE ULT DAMAGE. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CHAMP. I dont like going to a minion and losing half of my health , there are already plenty of those champions , dont add more. Akali can trade with you but you cant trade back, i remember when {{champion:164}} came out , i felt the same way but there were bad camilles , there is no bad akali. Shes easy to play , the shroud literally allows her to make so many mistakes , you cant just make another version of {{champion:7}} , where its low risk , high reward, and then REVERT LEBLANC AS WELL. These 2 champions are ruining the game , for everyone that isn't on their team. There are only so many bans one can use. Look im not the best or anything but im Gold 3 , and i know im decent at the game , but i went up against a silver 4 who was just slamming his face against his keyboard while playing akali and won laning phase. This is stupid , terrible design.
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