Is it just me or did Riot achieve very few of the system changes they wanted to make over 9.9/10?

On the 16th of April, RiotScruffy said they were looking to: 1. Reduce early lane dependency for junglers. 2. Reduce inspiration being so powerful as a secondary rune tree 3. Look at hunter's potion. 4. Reduce the power of aftershock on non-tanks. So far it seems that the only aim somewhat achieved was point 1 and partially point 4, with the rift scuttle spawn time change. For point 2, they nerfed magical footwear and gave some very slight buffs to some other minor runes (that OP buff of 8 armour and mr to 9 on the condition rune included). Inspiration secondary still extremely prevalent especially on mages and supports. I find it odd that they're going to nerf corrupting potion instead of looking at time warp tonic AKA you get a slightly worse version of heal at level 1. All this will do is make either timewarp tonic more attractive as a secondary rune, or make the item overall less viable. For point 3, they just straight up removed it. While they stated it was one of the options, I don't think we saw any testing for replacements/ reworks of it on the PBE cycle. This sucks given that in the past it helped some off-meta junglers clear more effectively. Point 4, I don't think they really solved the issue. A Lissandra in the early game is still going from ~20 % damage reduction to 50% during it's uptime. Not only that, but a lot of the prime offenders such as Lissandra and Sylas tend to build hp items such as Protobelt. While the damage has certainly been reduced, it's still very competitive on a lot of non-tanks.
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