Stop using Pro play as a way to kill the game.

It’s obvious proplay was so important you removed trackers knife. It was so obvious in s5 azir was kicking everyone one. And I’m not even, going to ryze. Zoe pro play and bam she’s gone to the ground. Pro play look where top lane is ending up. The pro player is solely wanting to win while there are some of us actual players who play the game for fun. Which at this point just says you’ve forgotten your roots and now your building a house on top of leaves of a tree. Pro play has almost destroyed the game in certain seasons while you recover the game by aboslishing not reworking but abolishing, the champ what ever. So much of pro play matters that if you look in the actual rank systems of the different servers combined, that the low elo is an endless prison while high elo to sit at the stairs of rank one chair is to basically be a pro player or a meta slave. The game has taken a stupid amount of hits from pro play. From the past season I stayed with this game, by far you even took deleting a easy process, not the thing of oh I think for the real game but no, I need more action next year worlds so kill the game. As far as it has come to conclusion, I finally state that pro play is what riot has focused on too much and deleting items without breaking a sweat is just not logical. Let’s face it after the removal of sightstone junglers go happy. With new things that are focused on nothing like creating a champ abilities to do something from stats my only logic is that ethir riot hasn’t tried to climb out of a bronze elo, played in a high elo as a lee sin now, and watch how Zoe is not even relevant, but it sat through a game of Pro players sitting hitting minions and not fighting

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