Save the Wards

So can riot remove that BS passive from duskblade already? Its very out of place there. Its just dont belong. There is no justification for it at all. It tells you for free if there is a ward or not. And from time to time it even reveals wards and traps and allows you to oneshot them. **W H Y ?** This is actually the most cancerous part of duskblade and not its dmg. super late EDIT In mein humble opinion appropriate solution to this would be -Removal of oneshot vs disabled wards -Removal of indicator for remaining duration of UNIQUE – NIGHTSTALKER passive (bonus dmg after being unseen for 1 second that lasts for 5 seconds after entering enemy vision) So it will be harder to tell exactly when you wandered into enemy vision. -Removal of change from 7.21 patch >V7.21 NEW EFFECT: Pinging the item now tells your team whether you're currently unseen or not. As compensation im personally fine with riot slapping some 10-15 dmg onto it. To be honest i would prefer blackout passive to be gone completely but i might get stoned for saying that.
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