My issue with Sylas

Everybody has made a thread about healing, I agree the nerf didn't do anything to him and riot should get someone who doesn't main the champion to balance him. But my issue with Sylas is that certain mains are forced to ban this champ, for example I'm a Neeko main if Sylas gets this ult. everybody dies it's just too impactful to be kept unbanned especially with a kit like Sylas', which means I don't get a ban, I no longer get to ban the champion I dislike laning against (for example katarina or zed)or has some kind of advantage over me. I'm forced to ban Sylas or risk having my team crumble due to my ult being so powerful, kept in check with a kit that sylas doesn't have. Every new character you make, you're going to have to balance for Sylas as well. It's a cool idea in theory but jeeze something needs to change
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