Please DON'T revert the Scutte changes

The game is so much healthier now that the jungle has been changed. I've never had so much fun as a laner before, and I actually enjoy jungling now as well, where previously it felt miserable and I couldn't stand it. Jungle has finally been reigned in, and its excellent. THere are a lot of people who AREN'T running to the boards to rage, because they're not mad they're happy. Please keep this change, even double down on it, by making it possible to farm your way back in for junglers, by shortening the jungle camp timers, and making counter jungling a more common option. For those who disagree, here are some important revelations. In old jungle, the points for interaction against scaling junglers, especially tanks, were very minimal because its so easy to keep pace with the enemy jungler, because of paths and the fact that all the camps are already up to start. They're not missing waves, theyre just offset. This means that all effects of invades and denials are delayed. This means that until second back, there is no real noticeable difference between junglers, and in that window, its so easy for the weak jungler to pick up some free resources, or for the ahead jungler to skip some camps and fail a gank. It was nearly impossible to abuse weak early junglers and get any kind of meaningful lead. This is why J4 and Sej ruled the jungle forever, because they could gank, and couldn't be abused for being weak early while they scaled well into late. The nerfs and buffs made champions able to abuse them, alongside some rune changes, but this essentially meant the champs were chosen by riot to be OP or in the dumpster, because an underlying flaw was holding back the jungle. Without this change, the underlying illness in jungle would have only prolonged a perpetual cycle of OP champions, and everything else being nerfed into the garbage to compensate for a deep flaw in the game. There are currently a lot of champs in bottom who are OP, because of the sheer quantity of damage in the game. There is an underlying flaw in certain kits that breed a toxic meta. Bot lane is not the only guilty on though, despite getting the most attention. Jungle is too, and jungle needed to get fixed first because a large par tof the problem in bottom is the second reason jungle needs changed. The normal path last patch was to buff to buff, with a raptors in between, gank, take another small camp and scuttle, back clear the last small camp and the go to a side lane. Now the entire jungle except krugs is down. The jungler is free to go hang out next to a lane, doing nothing, not risking anything on a gank, and just zone off the enemy. The jungler was able to deny 2-3 waves of farm to a lane, while losing nothing, cause they had no camps up to steal. If the other jungler came, the resulting 2v2 or 3v3 was determined by the priority and strength of the laners, not the junglers, because of the aforementioned impossibility of getting a meaningful lead over late game junglers, and general undesirability of early game junglers who could contribute meaningfully to this. The jungler with priority has to be attacked, which means they have the upper hand in landing their combo or CC, and getting the jungler or laner chunked out and forced to back. Essentially the advantage always sat with the party in the least risky position, and the reward for succeeding from the risky position was to not get denied. This was so incredibly toxic to side lanes, especially bottom, where the jungler comes and you just have to leave, because you'll die on the dive or just have to abandon your tower and accept there is nothing you can do. Its even worse when your jungler is behind and taking the risk isn't even an option. Literally no counterplay. Lastly, the issue could not be resolved by some revolutionary jungle techniques, because the jungle was set up to discourage farming and 1v1. The safe option was always also the most rewarding option, with camp XP drop offs with overleveling, long camp timers, abundant vision. Vision has slowly been dropping off, overleveling caps are now gone, camp timers are the same, but the incentive to invade and contest is now much greater, so that kind of evens out. You couldn't farm through it, or outclear, because of the rewardingness of buff to buff pathings. With new jungle, now, laners can impact and meaningfully contribute to their jungle and the enemy, ganks are reasonable, because the junglers require set up and can't force ganks, establishing a meaningful lead, comparable to how laners can, and also, laners can just fight and lane, and expect only a "big play" to impact their lane, not just some jungler afking in their lane

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