State of Junglers at the moment / Suggestion for upcoming patches

Junglers have a big impact on how the lane goes for you or your opponent right now and that should of course be the case so i have no problem with that. The problem i have right now is that even if you win vs. your lane opponent/s it feels like the jungler can just sit your lane and get them back again without even having to sacrifice that much farm/experience or anything for that. In low AND high elo people often feel like the game is a coinflip about who got the better jungler right now especially early on with getting lanes ahead and securing objectives. My suggestion would be to lower the gold gain from the jungle camps in general but make the respawn time for the camps lower. Not that low that we only see 24/7 farming jungle champs again but at least lower than it is right now so the jungler needs to worry about beeing efficient in ganks and farming. If a gank is succesful it still is rewarded (with kill or the enemy needs to use summoners or needs to back etc.) but if this isnt the case the jungler should be punished for that (for example by loosing farm to enemy jungler etc.) so he/she needs to worry more about if the gank is really worth it or not and it just doesnt feel like that right now imo. Im also curious how other players feel about that and tell me if you would agree/disagree and why. PS: Only giving MY OWN opinion on the state of junglers right now so pls dont get offended PPS: English is not my first language so... forgive the grammar mistakes
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