This season's starting to feel like a No Man's Sky level bait-and-switch

Want a longer laning phase? 3 minutes added to laning with sacks of gold added to tower damage Want less snowballing? First tower now worth 1100 gold Want less damage? Dark Harvest makes most level 4 champions capable of 100-0ing you in a single combo Want Irelia and Akali nerfed? Lol b a r e l y Want more rune options? The 3 stat options you have now are sure to be better than the 30 you had Want matches to be longer with more thought out strategies? Game's even shorter Want tanks to not have all their resistances constantly shredded by arbitrary (true) bonuses? Stop asking Want to be able to play independently again and not have to roam the map with your whole team constantly 5v5 deathballing every objective on the map? Nope ---- I think it's finally safe to say the game we once loved is gone now
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