It's kind of bullshit that Ryze gets this much attention

It's literally a meme at this point that Ryze gets reworked so much, yet Riot's STILL planning on working on this champ **more** in the near future. What the hell gives? Some champs have to wait years to get another pass on them. Ryze gets confirmed work basically annually, and since Ryze just WILL NOT REMOVE THAT SNARE COMBO, he remains an issue and needs further work in future instances. Then we see our way back to working Ryze again. Meanwhile, basically every enchanter has shitty, uninteractive game play that Riot chooses to band-aid instead of actually address. No one's gonna remember how I was constantly complaining about how making {{champion:37}} fight with AAs makes no sense because she's a squishy, back line support, and 550 range is way too close. So instead of fixing these core design issues...we take THAT shit that keeps her from being LCS viable without being solo queue catastrophic...and slap it on {{champion:40}} ? Then we make that shit scale with fucking move speed!? ABOUT ONE THIRD OF HER BONUS MOVE SPEED? For every 100 MS...just 35 more damage? Why would anyone build into that passive? Why would anyone think that this is going to make Janna's game play more skill-oriented? Sometimes, you just gotta admit that a champ needs more changes at their foundation to make better long-term changes, but Riot seems to be totally adverse to doing that for enchanters... ...and will repeatedly throw shit at the wall for Ryze, to the point where he now has **teleportation powers.** Like, we get it: People bitch about change. However, what's more important between reworking this champ 50 times and just changing the things we KNOW are causing the biggest issues with his balance? Sometimes the foundation of a champ's game play just need an overhaul. You guys should have done it with Ryze the last time. How long are we gonna go around in circles with this guy? We could be using that time and attention for a ton of other champions. Teemo? Yi? Kayle's already slated so I can't thr-...Wu Kong? Any of these old ass enchanter kits? Idk...but can we please either stop with Ryze or make a fix that *actually sticks?*

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