It's so sad you have to be a meta sheep in order to climb...

I never played something just because it's op so I can climb in my 3-4 years of playing. If I liked the champ, I played them. But, if you wanna dig yourself out of d5 shithole you gotta play things like fiora and draven with dd/pd and be an obnoxious piece of shit. I ban fiora, someone plays draven and one shots everyone, I ban draven, well hello my name is caitlyn and you need chemotherapy now + fiora because she isn't banned. Yeah, you can say "well its meta duhhhhhhhhh", but its meta because its broken as fuck and you have to play against it every game. No fun in it at fucking all. I actually saw a while back challenger player on stream saying "I hope they nerf jayce so I can stop playing him". Jesus christ, meta sheep at its finest. Try playing Wukong top into darius/fiora/renekton/galio, etc.. while having a lee sin constantly camp you. Wooo, so much fun. Sucks to be me for not picking some other broken piece of shit champ, right ? Idk, sorry for the ramble, but I'm just tired of always having that 1-2 champs going through ban phase and being an obnoxious asshole, that 100% destroys the fun in the game.
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