No Cleanse ability on a support

As it stands, {{summoner:1}} doesn't work on allies. {{champion:41}} can't throw oranges at allies. The only "support" with a cleanse-like ability is {{champion:25}} and she's not even supposed to be in bot lane. There needs to be a support with a cleanse so you can actually counter {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} and {{champion:25}} 's ton of CC. I don't care if they put it on someone or if they make it a new champion, it's just completely necessary as long as they're going to keep the only cleanse or slow-breaking abilities on melee champs. {{champion:41}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:11}} . Seriously, they just made Ashe's slow permanent. There's no reason no support should be able to break that and no ADC either. Edit: I know about {{item:3222}}. I'm talking about CHAMPION ABILITIES. If you think items replace the need for an ability, then you should argue that "no champ needs a shield, they already have {{item:3003}} {{item:3190}} , {{item:3401}} etc. "{{champion:127}} ,{{champion:105}} , {{champion:114}} shouldn't be untargetable, just buy {{item:3157}}." "Nothing should give site when you can buy {{item:2045}} and get a {{item:3340}} for free." Items do not replace abilities. That said, {{champion:89}} has two stuns and a slow at level 3. I'd like to see a player who has a full {{item:3222}} at level 3.
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