A small but effective buff for Draven

Hey everyone, So, as a Draven main I have gained some experience from playing him over the years. I'm overall very satisfied with the way his gameplay works and with his current tier in the meta, but there is one thing that bothers me about his gameplay. It is the symbol that appears once your axe bounces off your enemy. Due to its visibility for both sides it's extremely easy for the enemy players to predict Draven's movements and his pathing, which then results in landing skillshots more easily. I assume that the visibility was originally planned so that an enemy Draven could catch his opponent's axe as well, so I suggest that only allied or hostile Draven players should be able to see the symbol of Spinning Axe on their screens. This could lead to increased difficulty in landing skillshots on Draven which I think is his biggest weakness. Therefore, if Riot planned on buffing Draven, this is my suggestion. Let me know what you think and if this could lead to him being overpowered. Note: I might as well be wrong and the symbol is an intentional disadvantage, please don't flame me and be polite. {{champion:119}}
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