The changes to minons on PBE will be great (i think)

At first i was curios, i thought the huge buff to cannon gold was gonna make farming even more ideal of a strategy than it is now. Turns out though that you get about the same amount of gold during the first 12 minutes of the game which is great. So what's changing? This is great for any champion who is melee. Minons in the front of the line are worth faaaar more than the casters in the back. A lot of the time you are up against a ranged champion, especially if you're an assassin in the midlane and zoning you out of caster minions is a lot easier than zoning you out of melee or cannon minions. This change gives any melee champion a better chance to survive into the mid game. Cannon minions will be so valuable that making your opponent lose one is almost too sweet to pass up and great battles over them are sure to come. I am very much looking forward to these changes. TL;DR GET THE CANNON MINION!
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