Illaoi's E and Poison effects

Can we take a moment to talk about how poison (or any other DoT for that matter) affects the duration of Illaoi's E? I like playing Illaoi and it gets extremely frustrating when, for example, Singed's poison literally burns through my E's duration just because I touched it slightly. Example: > Enemies standing in the cloud's trail are poisoned for 2 seconds, taking magic damage every 0.25 seconds for the duration ...which means that a single instance of his poison will reduce Illaoi's E duration by **8 seconds** in just 2 seconds. Basically, every time the target of Illaoi's E hits Illaoi, the duration of her E (active spirit on the field) decreases by 1 second. Same applies to DoT effects, which make it impossible for your E to survive for more than 2 seconds at best. Can we do something about that? Can we make it so that DoT effects don't have as much power at decreasing her E's duration? I know she's not the most popular champion at the moment, but this would at least be a nice buff for her without messing with her numbers at all.
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