Why aren't more items Melee only.

Youmu's, Steraks Gage, Black Clever, Duskblade, Edge of Night the list goes on. Why aren't these items melee only? The reason for a lot of game health issues last season was because of Youmu's, BC and Duskblade being able to be build on ranged champs, the reason for steraks last pre season being nerfed was because of ranged champions, edge of night is just asking to be built on them one day so why even let them be built on everything. Just make them melee only and then introduce new ranged only items, problem solved. Edit: The reason for adding new ranged items would be for the champs that don't abuse the melee bruiser items but still needed them like Quinn, Graves or Urgot(even though he's kind of forgoten and will get reworked eventually it's still worth it to note he used Black Clever)
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