I Know Exactly the Reason why "One bad player can solo lose the game but one player cannot solo win"

I heard tyler1 on his stream today say "a 5-0 player isnt much stronger than a 0-5 player" and he was referring to tanks and yasuo but I know the real reason why solo carrying (whether its solo lanes or jungle or adc) and individual skill isnt as effective in the game anymore. It is completely because of this abomination known as "catch up xp" which was introduced about a year ago or so. For those who dont know, catch up xp made it so that the minions themselves now have a "level" which goes up as the game goes on. So a player behind in levels will be killing higher level minions and therefore will catch up in xp really quickly, where as a more skilled player who is ahead in levels will be killing minions which are at his level and therefore he will get way less xp than the guy who was 0-5. Literally punishing players who play good and rewarding that inting yasuo who is 0-10. League of legends was a great game for so many years without this atrocity I have no idea why they added it. Did they think making the game easier would bring in more players? It doesnt matter if you main top, mid, bot, or jungle cause I've seen players of every role complain about this bullshit, its the enemy of individual skill regardless of role. Back in season 4 or 5 if you were getting kills in lane and then rotating well for farm or having good roams you would often be 3-4 lvls up on the enemy. In bot lane the ADC would often be 2-3 levels up on the enemy ADC if he was fed and the support could roam to give the ADC even more solo xp. A good jungler who understood efficiency and pathing and all that would often be 3-4 levels up on the enemy jungler, now all junglers are the same level in game regardless of their skill. Thats probably why so many people hate jungle cause skill hardly matters when every jungler is just automatically caught up to the highest level with catchup xp. When catchup xp was first added I remember alot of people complained about it but over time people slowly forgot about this abomination. Great way to completely destroy skill expression in the game and make it closer and closer to HOTS every year. This is probably a good time to talk about the 2nd greatest abomination in league of legends : ambient gold increases. I dont know when they added this one but its probably the reason why people reach late game 10 mins earlier than they did in seasons 1-5. Ambient gold increases are absolutely disgusting and another contributing factor to the deletion of individual skill and promotion of everybody reaching late game quickly and engaging in a shitfest 5v5 full of a draft of hyperscaling tops mids and adcs only. I dont know if there was a business motive behind these changes but clearly it didnt work. EDIT: I should also add to clarify , that when the system brings a 0-5 player (lets assume cause hes "bad") closer to the level of a 5-0 player, that 0-5 player is still bad so he is still going to play bad and make poor decisions and be a dead weight. Nothing changes in that regard. BUT when the system brings the 5-0 player (lets assume the "good" player) down closer to the center, things do change because that "good" player who would make good plays and good decisions is being oppressed by the catch up xp and ambient gold so that his individual skill cannot be expressed to the degree it would have been in older seasons like 4 and 5. EDIT#2: To clarify again, I want to make the individual snowball, not the entire fcking team. When entire teams snowball then you get what we have today.
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