This doesn't feel like ARAM anymore: Bilgewater update...

ARAM is supposed to be any of the characters currently in play/owned having a chance to appear, this new banning system just lowers if not completely wipes out certain characters from being used altogether. This mechanic should ideally be implemented as a separate option: draft or a secondary category under the umbrella of ARAM. If a team had a better comp, even without rerolls, then thats the way the cookie crumbled and this was fair as everything is on the table. However, with the bilgewater update, getting certain characters becomes 10x harder since there's 8 possibilities (typically 3+ characters per round for me) to be automatically not in rotation based on dislike or "strategy." (Slightly exaggerating...maybe) 70% of the matches now end up with me debating: 1. Do I want to spend 15-20 minutes for the nth round playing a character I don't like? And most likely be a handicap to the team cause I'm not a pro with many toons? 2) Do I take a fifteen minute penalty? Cause many times someone else also chimes in saying they can't trade and have no rerolls either. (I personally don't wanna sit through a 20 min.+ slaughter with teammates who won't forfeit even at 50 v 15 = waste of time) I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way or maybe there is some silver lining I'm just not noticing or a reason why this ban feature was added when it seems contradictory to the concept. Hoping for some insight. Thanks
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