Conquerer Garen is broken

Before we begin this discussion, let me say Garen has been in need of some changes for a really long time. Then we got this rework, and dear God... it's strong. Too strong. Garen's kit is ridiculously oppressive now. His Silence which used to be manageable now feels like an eternity as you watch your HP bar slip away and you can do nothing because you're still silenced. Then that sword comes crashing down as Garen deals *justice* to your face in the form of True Damage. The real issue I have with Garen's kit is his E. There is simply put too much damage in the one ability and the way it synergizes with Conquerer is absolutely disgusting. You get Armor Shred after 6 spins, the amount of spins you get increases with attack speed, you deal 25% more damage if you're the closest target, and it stacks up Conquerer. This is just absurd in how much damage Garen can put out. Riot, come on now. This should be hotfixed.
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