New support items are literally institutionalized poverty

Yes, there are plenty of "new support items suck" threads which all make great points about how supports are screwed as soon as they hit their tier 3 support item (for anyone who isn't aware of the issue, tier 3 support items lose the quest that lets you execute minions or poke enemies for gold, but continue to punish farming). But let's talk about the underlying problem, which comes in three parts. 1. Supports don't get as much gold as other roles. This started as a matter of circumstance. As other people have pointed out, there are 4 sources of gold on the map (3 lanes and jungle) and 5 players on each team, so either one of those sources needs to be shared, or someone gets left out. As it turns out, people are greedy, so someone has gotten left out, and that person is the support. 2. Riot has taken this idea that supports don't get as much gold and they've turned it into "Supports *shouldn't* get as much gold," and they've done this by hard-coding it into the game in the form of the new support items. 3. The only way to supplement the amount of wards you can place from trinkets/red wards is for someone on the team to take one of these support items, locking themselves into this situation. So Riot starts by saying to players: >"If you want to ward beyond your trinket and red ward, one of the reliable income streams (farming) is going to be penalized, and we'll give you this other income stream based on this quest instead." So we've established that there is this person who doesn't get access to minions or monsters *anyway* (because there aren't enough gold sources on the map for everyone), but you're giving that person an alternate source of gold via this item. Sounds good so far. But then what? >"When you've earned 1000 gold using this item, you lose the alternate income stream we gave you." {{sticker:sg-janna}} So we end up with two problems. 1. The point of support items is to give this person who gets left out of farming another income source, while also deterring people who are already farming from taking these items, **but that doesn't work so well when you take away that income source partway through the game.** 2. Why does it have to be **this** particular player who has to supplement the wards? What if the jungler wants to help ward? They're in a great position to do that with all the roaming they do, right? But no, they have to go through this quest which is designed so that only a duo laner can complete it (unless the jungler ganks a shit ton, but they can't do that anymore, which is a whole different issue). In conclusion, I suggest the following: 1. Riot, if you want a gold income item that meets both of your needs, then allow supports to keep getting gold through their quest after tier 3 items. Don't say "You can't keep getting gold this way and you also can't farm minions." Players should get one source of gold or the other. They shouldn't **ever** lose both. 2. Give us more options for placing (and maybe clearing) wards. Vision should be a dynamic game with opportunities for everyone to contribute, not a burden heaped on one player in a specific role. You know how there are a ton of different boots? What if there were a ton of different warding items? And you wonder why so many people hate playing support?? Give them the tools they need to meaningfully contribute to their team, and let them have fun!

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