Darius needs a rework

All he has to do is auto attack you once when you go for a minion and suddenly you're in range to die instantly. JUST PLAY GNAR OR QUINN YAY but nay. You shouldn't automatically lose for being a melee champion and automatically win for being ranged. Darius's passive increase of ad makes him a god who can 1v5 easily. Darius easily shits on trynd and nasus as they go for a minion he simply auto attacks and orb walks with you and when you attempt to run he simply grabs you and auto attacks you since he has 2 90% slows. He can auto you E auto w auto and throw q in there and he get's all 5 stacks quite easily. Long story short it's been years since his rework as a "juggernaut" and he's still one of the most banned champions on the rift and he's considerable unfun to play against. I myself don't like playing against darius.
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