Master Tier placed in silver on new acct results lmfao fuck off with your retarded as fuck matchmaking Thought hmm maybe I'll come back to league and this is the shit every single game. Unwinnable from the fucking start. Doesn't matter who I play, what role I play, every single teammate I get is atleast 500mmr points below the rank I'm in and "balance" it by putting me on the team. Don't feel bad about being stuck in Silver if you know you're decent. The game is so fucking broken from RIot's retarded design philosophy that winning in anything below master tier is RNG who gets the best teammates. Bad players that get lucky get sent to Gold and stay there. PS for any kids trying to say otherwise, here was a nice example of my climb to masters To prove I am skilled enough to be in the top 12000 players, I must beat the top 2000 players in NA.... So that I may have the privilege to play another 8 games to prove I am worthy of being in the top 10000 ranked players. Seems legit

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