It feels like an huge number high skill floor champions right now are way overtuned...

Like it or not, a champion who is supposed to be a niche pick who would be hard to use for most people not maining it SHOULD have consequentially low winrate and/or pickrate. At the moment, this logic doesn't apply at all: Supposedly hard champions like {{champion:92}} , {{champion:238}}, {{champion:67}} or even {{champion:55}} lately are getting insane stats in several elos while being usable by an huge number of players (sometimes even some first timers) with a great amount of efficiency, which kinda goes against the whole concept of "high skill floor, high skill ceiling" champions. Some others like {{champion:64}} also have HUGE pickrates (and by huge, I mean being the most picked jungler by having about twice the pickrate of the second most played jungler for several several months, which is utterly massive), but you can actually see the result of this pickrate affecting the champion: even if Lee Sin is highly tiered for jungle ever since his insane LCS buffs of last year, he boasts a pretty pathetic winrate which is the consequence of having way too many people playing such an skill-hungry champîon. Where is the winrate drop with {{champion:92}} , one of the most popular toplaners (or THE most popular in certain patches and/or elos) and precedently considered as THE hardest champ to master in the game? Ironically, her winrate only seems to grow as time goes on along with her pickrate. People are realising how busted she is and they are starting to pick her without any apparent drawbacks if we look at the winrate... This is also appliable (in a less extreme proportion than the situation already showcased, agreed.) to a lot of the other "high skill floored" champions who are populating the game as of now. This situation clearly needs some consequent decision making and this is supported by raw evident numbers, AKA you can't really deny the problem by using unrelated arguments like "just cc them lol" or "my super niche full AP bruiser trundle counters them so therefore they are not OP"

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