What do you feel are the worst reworks Riot has made?

I've been playing this game for roughly 3 years now and through that time I've seen quite a number of reworks, specifically the class updates (_and we all know how that went now_). But with all of these reworks have come good and bad ones and so I have to ask the question since everyone has their own opinion: what are the worst reworks to you? These can be for champs that you play or don't even play. It just has to be some form of rework that you don't agree with when it was teased or came out. To me, it comes down to this list: {{champion:86}} - Nothing was really added to Garen to help with his playstyle. All that I felt was really added was more spinning and the villian mechanic, which theme and lore wise makes sense but considering on how random and unreliable it can be it just doesn't hold up. This just failed to bring anything significantly new to Garen. {{champion:90}} - Let's be honest, this guy was guaranteed to make the list. If memory serves me (correct me if I'm wrong), Malzahar mains were actually asked by Riot what they didn't want him to be and they told Riot not to put focus on his minions. And what does Riot do? Turn him into a minion mancer and he dominates for a while before getting nerfed down into supp and then getting a partial rework to make him go back to his original gameplay pattern, which is Riot's way of telling us that this is the closest we'll get to a revert unlike Kog. {{champion:57}} - Turned into a huge AP support due to the massive powershift into his E and then nerfed and now I don't see him {{champion:82}} - Mord is kind of an interesting one for me as this was the first time Riot wanted to incorporate a melee ADC to try and mix things up. For that I do have to applaud them for trying something bold but in the end Mord turned out too strong, he got nerfed to oblivion and is still ridden with bugs if I remember. He really just needs to be next in a spot soon for a full VGU at this point after Urgot and Eve. {{champion:107}} - While I hate this guy the mains of him seem to hate him more since he doesn't play the same way and he's now categorized as a diver than an assassin which Riot said he'll still be. I honestly don't know what I should suggest about him or what Riot is even planning for him at this point. This is just my list and the ones I have the most to talk about right now but I'm curious now to see what your worst reworks are.
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