Does the game seem less strategic to you?

I dunno, it just seems that Riot have focused more and more on snowballing and flashy plays that they forget that League is fundamentally a STRATEGY game at its core. The problem is, there is only one real viable strategy at the moment, which is to gangbang botlane because botlane tower happens to be weaker then other towers. One mistake dictates the entire flow of the game. But I think what is more maddening is when I see an ADC getting crushed and they somehow REFUSE to build any defense. ADC's have access to great items that allow them to gain resistances while not losing that much damage themselves ({{item:3156}} is an example) and yet I see ADC's building the SAME WAY, pretty much every game. League at the moment, feels more like a deathmatch then an actual game about strategy. I suggested in one game that I go {{champion:43}} support with a {{champion:157}} top and smack about the enemy top laner until he screamed at the jungler for help. It drew the jungler up to top lane and did not allow them to do the usual gangbang in bot lane so our botlane was able to fight on even grounds with the enemy botlane and win through pure laning power. Yes, we sacrificed a jungle (I am a crap jungler anyway) but the strategy worked really well and we won the game because Yasuo got stupidly fed and I kept shielding him. (However, at the beginning, my team called me a "TROLL" until we actually started winning) Why are people so against adapting to the current meta. Experiment, try new things. A wise man once said, _"The definition of madness is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"_ If you have died in your lane, look at the scoreboard and CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY. Don't just blindly walk back into lane with your offensive only items and expect to win again.
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